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Mental Health Job Aid for Managers: Psychosocial Factor 10 – Engagement (WMT2-J10)


This job aid provides tips and resources to assist managers in addressing psychosocial risks and creating a psychologically healthy workplace, with a focus on employee engagement.

Published: April 27, 2020
Type: Job aid

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Mental Health Job Aid for Managers: Psychosocial Factor 10 – Engagement

Engagement is demonstrated when employees feel connected to their work and are motivated to do their job well. Employee engagement can be physical (energy exerted), emotional (positive job outlook and passionate about their work), or cognitive (devote more attention to their work and be absorbed in their job).

Engagement: Where to Start?

Take Action!

Provide opportunities for your employees to engage in the development of their own work tasks and objectives by facilitating discussions about how their work is done, how it could be improved, and if they might be interested in working on different tasks.

Foster conditions in which your employees can use their talents and strengths to the fullest by tracking their successes and interests and assigning complementary tasks.

Instil pride and passion to your employees about their commitment to their work by acknowledging individual, team or organizational accomplishments and successes.

Encourage your leaders to take training on engagement to ensure they are competent in building staff engagement (see Canada School of Public Service Course listed below).

Help your employees enjoy their work and create a pleasant and welcoming work environment by always greeting your staff with a smile, scheduling time to talk to each of your employees and taking an interest in them as human beings.

Organize team social events (i.e. lunches and team building activities) to provide opportunities for your employees to socialize and get to know each other.

Encourage your staff to participate in department-wide and interdepartmental events (i.e. staff BBQs, fitness activities, holiday parties, National Public Service Week, Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign).

Solicit input from your employees on decisions that could impact their work, as well as their suggestions on things that can be done to build their engagement at work (i.e. during individual bilateral meetings and staff meetings).

Additional Resources

To assess each psychosocial factor, you may use the Organizational Review Worksheet and Survey Tool provided by Guarding Minds at Work.

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