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Thrive Series: Team Toolkit: Ten Best Practices to Cultivate a Learning Culture

Team culture

"I am still learning."

Michelangelo, at age 87

A continuous learning culture is a set of values and practices that encourage individuals and organizations to continually increase knowledge, competence, performance, and innovation. This job aid provides 10 best practices to aid teams in cultivating a learning culture.



Top 10 Practices for Cultivating a Learning Culture (TRN4-J41)

This job aid lists the top 10 best practices for cultivating a learning culture, including experimentation, prioritization and knowledge sharing.


How to use

How to use

  1. Download the job aid and share with your team
  2. Set up a meeting to discuss the 10 practices outlined in the job aid. Identify which ones your team will explore further and incorporate
  3. Use the job aid to continue to enhance a learning culture by exploring additional practices
  4. Reflection - How has your team benefited from this learning?

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