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Best Advice Executive Series

Best Advice Executive Series

Description: Trailer for video series featuring Deputy Ministers offering their best advice for executive leadership in the public service.

Date: January 19, 2016

Duration: 00:01:39

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Innovation means continual improvement, greater collaboration.

We have to capture inspiration.

Your success is measured by how you get the best out of everybody on your team.

You can't give good advice unless you're bringing a whole wealth of knowledge and perspective to bear.

The role of a senior leader is to enable the success of all of those who work for him or her.

Often, people do the work that they do in the public service because they want to make a contribution.

They give their best at all times.

You have to make learning a part of your daily life. It's okay to say that we have to learn new things.

A big part of the way we need to learn as executives is really on the ground and listening to people.

There are all kinds of opportunities to learn from others, from their experiences and from their skills.

For a good manager, a leadership quality is the ability to read people.

Every leader needs to be guided by a set of values.

Being respected is essential; being liked is a bonus.

Trust in an organization is essential!

There is nothing that can replace trust. I can think of no higher compliment that being labelled a trustworthy employee.


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