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Our Enterprise-wide Commitment to Learning

Description: Learn how the School is continually evolving to deliver a wide range of exciting learning experiences.

Date: February 22, 2016

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What I love is the fact that we can take the courses on our own time.

Extraordinary teachers and coaches who know their subject.

Some people learn better in a classroom. Some people learn better in a self-directed way.

I really appreciate the webinars and the online offerings, especially the armchair chats.

It's a lot of fun — I love it!

We have always been very good in terms of delivering in the classroom.

We're now expanding this to our online learning platform, our online school.

People can access a portal where they can find all the help they need to do their jobs.

We know that there are hundreds of thousands of people—from your regular employee, to the manager, to executives, to people in different functional communities—all these people at one point are going to access our platform.

Go in and play in it. Give us feedback. If there is something that maybe doesn't fit your specific work need right now, come back and check it out because there is constantly going to be things added.

We have a potential of 250,000 public servants that could be using this platform.

Ensuring all members of the Public Service of Canada can use this system certainly was a rather interesting and fulfilling challenge. I believe we still managed to do a good job on that.

What we're finding right now is that the departmental requests for our instructor-led courses are exploding.

This is year two, and we can now see the impact that the new business model has on the regions.

The School, by collaborating, they're getting the best quality products out there, and everybody is benefiting. So we're all getting a really high standard of product.

It's also an opportunity to be a part of something that's building and that's going to have an impact 20 years from now, and that's pretty exciting.

It's a really exciting project! The School wants to improve its learning facilities, improve classrooms, so that our teachers can be more creative and offer more active experiences for our learners, and incorporate technology into the classroom, like Wi-Fi, more multimedia displays, and then learners can actually use those tools to connect with other learners across the country.

It's completely changing the style of learning for people.

It will change the public service, kind of from the bottom up.

The truth is this transformation will eventually support people who are in the very departments that serve the public. So, always listen. I believe we have done good work to get to this point in terms of change, but there is still more to accomplish, and it will be really important to continue to listen to our clients.

It's just amazing! It's exciting!

It is highly pertinent to what I have to bring back to my day-to-day work.

There's a real value in participating in courses with the Canada School.

It's wonderful! I really am so proud of this!

I think there is a lot of pride in influencing where we bring learning and where we bring these learners in order to really equip them to better serve Canadians.


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