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A Positive Culture Change: The Blueprint 2020 Journey, with Louise Levonian (TRN1-V07)


This video introduces Blueprint 2020 and how this initiative empowers federal employees in building a public service that is more open, transparent and innovative.

Duration: 00:02:35
Published: May 25, 2015
Type: Video

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A Positive Culture Change: The Blueprint 2020 Journey, with Louise Levonian



Transcript: A Positive Culture Change: The Blueprint 2020 Journey, with Louise Levonian

The Blueprint 2020 journey has been an inspiring one. We have established a vision for a world-class public service equipped to serve Canada into the future.

Hello, I'm Louise Levonian, Chair of the Board of Management and Renewal Sub-Committee on Public Service Engagement and your Blueprint champion. During the past few years, we've begun transforming the public service, increasing our agility to better meet the evolving needs of Canadians.

When we asked for ideas on achieving this goal, you offered great suggestions. Your feedback is helping the Blueprint vision take shape. Engagement and innovation are becoming the new normal as we undertake these changes together.

There's a positive culture change underway. Blueprint 2020 is our platform for change to serve Canadians better today and tomorrow—our public service-wide approach to modernizing and transforming the way we work. This is reflected in

  • how we are using GC 2.0 collaboration tools like GCconnex;
  • how Blueprint 2020 departmental reports are being posted on GCpedia for all to see; and
  • how social media—like Twitter—is being used by public servants to discuss modernization.

Collectively, our actions are changing the culture of the public service to be open, transparent and innovative. And there's good reason to be proud. For example, as public servants, we write the regulations for the car seats that keep children safe. We issue pension cheques and passports. We deliver funding and expertise to help accelerate the growth of small and medium Canadian enterprises.

We're empowering people to influence their work environment, allowing everyone to make a difference by taking personal ownership of their work. We're also creating spaces like the Central Innovation Hub to experiment with new ideas on how to serve Canadians better.

But it's your willingness to adapt that's strengthening our ability to make a positive difference in the lives of Canadians. It's a process that's renewing our pride and identity in the public service.

I'm looking forward to hearing more from you. How are you contributing to transformation? What do you recommend for adapting to change?

Transformation is challenging, but it can be invigorating and satisfying. Our responsibility flows from a sense of collective ownership in the future of the public service. We all have a role to play.

Thank you.

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