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Transferable Skills - Who We Are (TRN1-V11)


This video introduces the Transferable Skills business line at the Canada School of Public Service.

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Published: July 7, 2021
Type: Video

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Transferable Skills - Who We Are

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Transcript: Transferable Skills - Who We Are

You've probably heard this before, but we are living in disruptive times. Things are changing faster than ever and in totally different ways. It's an especially big deal for government, and it's a fair question to ask ourselves if the public service is ready to respond to challenges the world has never seen.

We have been thinking about this question, and the Canada School of Public Service has been reimagining what it's going to take to serve in the future. We need to be more kinetic, connected and collaborative, and we believe it starts with people. Welcome to Transferable Skills, a distributed team of people working in locations across Canada.

So what exactly do we mean by transferable skills? It's a collection of skills, behaviours and mindsets that help us solve problems we haven't encountered before. They're aptitudes that make people resilient to disruption and that are just as useful inside and outside of government.

We're focused on three key areas:

  • Leadership fundamentals, where "leadership" isn't exclusive to people at the top of the org chart. Leaders at all levels can learn to grow and thrive through learning products that include coaching, navigating change, resilience and team engagement.
  • Business innovation, where business administration skills such as process and project management intersect with topics such as working virtually, navigating risk, supporting experimentation and evidence-based decision making.
  • And there's future skills, which focuses on the communication, collaboration and design skills needed for an evolving public service.

If you have ideas and want to help shape the future of your learning, we want to hear from you. Follow us on Twitter to learn more about what's coming and to be part of the conversation.

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