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GC Workplace Accessibility Passport: Protecting Your Personal Information (INC1-V51)


This video (part 3 of 3) explains how the GC Workplace Accessibility Passport functions as a secure and confidential record of information on workplace accommodation decisions for employees.

Duration: 00:02:49
Published: December 15, 2022
Type: Video

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GC Workplace Accessibility Passport: Protecting Your Personal Information



Transcript: GC Workplace Accessibility Passport: Protecting Your Personal Information

[Animated title page. Text on screen reads "GC Workplace Accessibility Passport Awareness Series"]

[Video shows images of people with a variety of disabilities]

Narrator: The Government of Canada Workplace Accessibility Passport provides a secure and confidential way for employees and managers to collaborate and promptly identify and implement the devices, tools, and support measures that will enable employees to succeed in the workplace.

[Text on screen reads "What information does the Passport require and how is this information protected?"]

Narrator: Let's learn more about what information the Passport requires and how this information is protected.

[Video shows a target board. An arrow hits the center of the target. Text in center of target reads "Barriers/Solution". Additional text appears on-screen, as spoken]

Luna Bengio: As an employee, when you complete your Passport, the focus is on the barriers you face on the job. You do not have to self-identify; you do not have to produce medical information.

[Luna Bengio appears on screen. Text on screen reads "Luna Bengio; She/Elle/Ella/Lei; Senior Accessibility Expert and Special Advisor, Office of Public Service Accessibility, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat"]

Luna Bengio: You may have to produce an assessment, but that's an assessment of the tasks you need to perform, and the best solutions to help you perform those tasks. As we were going through the pilot phase of the passport,

[Video shows an animated GC Workplace Accessibility Passport opening. Text inside reads "Barriers; Solutions". Passport closes. An open padlock appears over the passport, then locks shut]

Luna Bengio: many employees have asked, how do I make sure that my information remains mine, is confidential, is protected? And the passport solution online will be developed with security and privacy protections that any Government of Canada solution provides
[Luna Bengio appears on screen.]

Luna Bengio: to ensure that the employee is in control; that they know who their information is shared with. No information can be shared in the back, or can be shared with anyone, without the employee's consent. And it is critical that employees are involved in any discussions or decisions that have to do with their workplace accommodations. So, the important principle that is part of the Accessible Canada Act, nothing without us is really embodied in the passport and the approach that the passport is recommending.

[Video shows a GC Workplace Accessibility Passport]

Narrator: The GC Workplace Accessibility Passport empowers candidates and employees with disabilities to succeed, regardless of the barriers they face. With the Passport, we can create a respectful and inclusive workplace that is free of discrimination.

[Canada School of Public Service Logo, and Canada watermark appear on screen. Text on screen lists contact info, as described]

Narrator: For more information, visit or email

[Video transitions to the CSPS logo]

[The Government of Canada logo appears and fades to black.]

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