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Authority Delegation Training Program


To do their jobs effectively, public service managers are expected to have a solid understanding of their roles, responsibilities and accountabilities. The Authority Delegation Training Program (ADT) provides the essential information needed for managers and executives to successfully execute their delegated authorities in the areas of human resources, finance and procurement. Participants will learn about the core legislation, regulations, policies and guidelines that govern their roles and responsibilities within the federal public service.

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Authority Delegation Training (ADT) is intended for managers in positions with delegated signing authority. It is also open to all federal public service employees. Learners who are interested in enhancing their foundational knowledge of the human resources, finance, and procurement in the government may want to take the training for career‑developmental purposes.

Authority Delegation Training is a series of online self-paced courses providing learners with the essential information they need to successfully obtain and execute their delegated authorities as managers or executives.


Managers: To be delegated financial signing authority from your organization, you must successfully complete all three components of the Authority Delegation Training Program for managers.

This program includes three courses and the final tests are embedded within each course.


Executives: To be delegated financial signing authority from your organization, you must successfully complete the Authority Delegation Validation Assessment for Executives (COR254)

Although it is recommended, if you have already completed an earlier version of the Authority Delegation Training (i.e. G110, G124, G126, G226, G127, or G227), you will not have to complete the COR250, COR451 and COR152. These courses will be available as optional refresher courses.

COR254 is an online self-paced assessment training aimed at executives in the core public administration. It builds on the knowledge acquired in the previous ADT courses.

Using an online case study, you will navigate through exercises that emphasize the most complex level of strategic thinking. You will learn to make sound decisions in compliance with key legislation, regulations, and policy frameworks that govern how you exercise your delegated authorities.

Note: The training and assessments apply to the core public administration, as listed in schedules I and IV of the Financial Administration Act.

Signing authority

In order to obtain signing authority within their organizations, managers and executives must complete the necessary training.

Completing the Authority Delegation Training does not entitle you to exercise signing authority. As prescribed by the Directive on Delegation of Spending and Financial Authorities, no person is permitted to exercise financial authorities unless the appropriate minister or the deputy minister has formally delegated these authorities as established under sections 32 and 34 of the Financial Administration Act and the incumbent's supervisor or superior has formally designated that person.

To be delegated signing authority by your deputy head, you must successfully complete this required training program, as prescribed by the Directive on Mandatory Training which includes successfully completing the assessments.

Authority Delegation Training courses

Validation renewal

Authority Delegation Training certifications are valid for five years. Revalidation is conducted as follows:

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