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Frequently asked questions about the New Directors Program

The New Directors Program and psychometric tools

Will you be sharing information for the standing offer to facilitate access for our employees?

Yes, we have the standing offer # E60PI-18LRNG/001/PI. For 360° feedback assessments, requests should be made via the Public Service Commission generic box at, and you must specify in the request that it is for the New Directors Program. For more information, please contact your client service advisor.

Is Insights only used for the New Directors Program?

At this time, Insights is only used for the New Directors Program at the School.

What are Insights badges?

Insights badges are awarded to a learner's learning profile by their learning coordinator, to acknowledge that the learner has completed their Insights profile. This will enable them to register for New Directors Program. Instructions for how to assign Insights badges will be shared shortly.

How do we assign the Insights badge? Could you elaborate on learning coordinators' responsibilities?

Insights badges are assigned using the same process as assigning a program in the learning groups in the learning platform. The learning coordinator assigns this badge, and it is a prerequisite for enrolment. More information about learning coordinator responsibility will be shared with you via your client service advisor.

Can you advise as to what will transpire with those already in a learning group for the New Directors Program?

If they have not already registered for a New Directors Program cohort, they will be required to complete their Insights profile and obtain the Insights badge before registering for a cohort.

Do individuals identified to complete the New Directors Program register themselves once the program has been assigned?

Yes, currently this is how it is set up. Once learners are assigned an Insights badge, they will still be able to register themselves.

How many seats are available and how will the identified learners be chosen?

The number of seats available is 28 per cohort. In the first quarter, 6 cohorts will be offered for the New Directors Program. To be eligible, learners must be at the EX-01 or equivalent level and have been appointed within 18 months. They can also be acting at the EX-01 or equivalent level for 6 consecutive months or longer, not exceeding 18 months.

Does the Insights requirement take effect for the cohorts that open in February?

The Insights requirement will not affect New Directors Program cohorts that are currently being delivered in the fourth quarter of 2023–2024. The cohorts starting in April 2024 (first quarter) will follow the new Insights requirement. Those cohorts will be made available in February 2024.

What is the cost per learner for an Insights profile and 360° feedback assessment?

With the standing offer, the price per unit is $120.68 for Insights and $697.00 for 360° feedback assessments. It is recommended that learning coordinators identify all their learners for the year. Bulk purchases are much less expensive.

Do learners have a deadline to complete the Insights report?

No, there is no deadline, the link will remain active.

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