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New Directors Program

The New Directors Program helps you better understand your new role and what is expected of you as an executive in today's environment. You will improve your skills as an executive leader to effectively lead change and achieve results.

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About the program

In this program, you will:

The New Directors Program includes three phases spread out over six to nine months.


Phase 1: In class

Common learning component

Using experiential learning, this in-person phase gives you the opportunity to advance your leadership skills and behaviours. You will get to know yourself as a leader and learn about the myths, realities and expectations surrounding your new role.

Over the course of four and a half days, you will:

  • learn effective strategies for leading change, engaging resources and achieving results
  • better understand the systems, structures, and strategies needed to navigate in a complex and ever-changing environment
  • gain insight into your personal effectiveness as a leader and your impact on others
  • build and foster productive networks and relationships
  • better understand the notions of stress, resiliency and organizational well-being

Phase 2: On the job

And now... practice it!

This six-to eight-month phase provides you with assignments, jobs aids, readings, faculty blogs, and nuggets of rich lessons learned to further your experience as a leader. You will leave prepared to apply your knowledge and skills in the workplace.

Individual and group work is required during this phase.

Phase 3: In class

Sharing, networking and individualized learning component

The last phase is conducted in class over two days. You will synthesize and share on the learning that took place throughout the program and widen your personal network.

High-calibre speakers will be present to share their experiences through personal storytelling on specific topics relevant to the executive community.

360° Feedback assessment in the context of the New Directors Program

The Personnel Psychology Centre (PPC) of the Public Service Commission's 360° feedback tool offers a unique opportunity for development and self-reflection, by providing you with meaningful insight as to how others perceive your leadership competencies, and how these perceptions compare to your own self-perception.

The PPC's 360° feedback tool is currently being offered by the Canada School of Public Service in the context of the New Directors Program. These videos will offer participants of the New Directors Program with information on the tool, and the various steps involved in the process.

If you would like more information about the PPC's 360° feedback tool outside the context of the New Directors Program, please visit 360° Feedback Instruments & Services.



To qualify, you must either:


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How to register

Call the School's Client Contact Centre to register if you have been identified as an eligible participant and assigned to the program by your departmental Required Training Coordinator (RTC). You will receive a confirmation email with further information.

Frequently asked questions

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