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New Directors Program

The New Directors Program (NDP) provides an opportunity for new executives to better understand their role as a director within the Government of Canada. The program's aim is to equip new executives with the skills they need to effectively lead in today's work environment.

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About the program

The Insights psychometric assessment is a registration prerequisite to the New Directors Program.

As of April 1, 2024, departments are responsible for their learners' assessments.

Consult the page Frequently asked questions about the New Directors Program to learn more.

Participants will explore a variety of leadership topics to help them navigate complexities, be resilient and adaptable in times of change, and enhance their key leadership competencies as a new executive.

Topics include:

  • understanding the director's role in modern government systems and processes, including the new digital standards and what is required to lead into the future
  • strengthening self-awareness and the skills to build resilience, lead, engage and collaborate
  • exploring the director's role in creating a diverse, inclusive and respectful workplace
  • developing leadership agility and capacity to navigate complexity

The New Directors Program is cohort-based and comprised of ten modules. These modules include virtual learning sessions, independent and group work, pre-course work and a psychometric self-assessment (Insights Discovery®). Throughout the program, participants will also engage in peer coaching sessions and leadership group discussions.

360° feedback assessment

The Public Service Commission's Personnel Psychology Centre (PPC) offers a 360° feedback tool that presents a unique opportunity for personal development and self-reflection through meaningful insight into how others perceive your leadership competencies, and how these perceptions compare to your own self-perception.

Each participant of the New Director's Program will be given the opportunity to complete the PPC's 360° feedback assessment. Please note that the 360° assessment is an optional part of the program that participants can complete with the financial support of their department. The 360° debriefs will begin during the program and may continue post-program depending on availability and scheduling compatibilities.

Learn more about the PPC's 360° feedback instruments and services.


To qualify, participants must:

  • occupy a director position (EX-01 or equivalent) and have less than 18 months' experience or be acting in a director position (EX-01 or equivalent) for a minimum of 6 consecutive months
  • have a valid Insights Discovery® assessment

How to register

If you are an eligible participant for the New Directors Program, please contact your departmental mandatory training coordinator to submit your name for participation in the program.

Frequently asked questions

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