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Digital and data learning

Learning digital-era skills, knowledge, and mindsets is essential to succeeding today and in the future. Explore a range of foundational courses, job aids, and other learning tools relevant to enabling a digital-era government and delivering better programs, policies, and services.

Digital and data learning by theme

Digital government

Learn what digital looks like in a Government of Canada context.

Data literacy

Get familiar with data concepts, terminology, and practices.

Digital leadership

Understand what digital government means and how to support it as a leader.

Service design

Explore human-centred design principles and how to make good, user-friendly services.

Cloud computing

Familiarize yourself with cloud computing and how to manage it in the Government of Canada

Cyber security

Employ safe cyber security practices to protect GC data, personal information, and IT systems.

Artificial intelligence

Understand what artificial intelligence is and how AI technologies are being used.


Learn Agile principles and why and how they're used in user-centric, iterative organizations.

Trending technology topics

Navigate through opportunities, limitations and policy implications beyond the hype of what's new in the digital space.

Digital and data learning by type


Explore courses on a variety of digital topics in the Government of Canada context that will help equip you with the knowledge, skills, and techniques to succeed in the digital era.

Explore courses related to digital, data and design

Foundational courses that we recommend for all public servants


Microlearning is a learning approach that delivers small, easy-to-digest pieces of information through various formats like videos, articles, quizzes, and infographics. The goal of microlearning is to enhance digital literacy by breaking down complex topics into smaller, more manageable concepts that appeal to different learning styles.

CSPS Digital Accelerator

The CSPS Digital Accelerator is an applied learning experience designed for public servants who want to adopt digital best practices and experiment with more collaborative, open, human-centred and iterative ways of defining problems and developing solutions.

Learn more about the CSPS Digital Accelerator


Discover a range of learning events that gather experts and leaders together to discuss digital transformation and digital government.

Digital Learning Promotion Toolkit

The Digital Learning Promotion Toolkit aims to equip teams and departments with tools to embark on or enhance their digital journeys. This resource is designed for individuals, digital champions, teams and organizations to increase awareness, create learning opportunities and promote digital literacy in their sector.

Learn more about the Digital Learning Promotion Toolkit

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