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GC Data Conference 2023: Leveraging Data to Advance Innovation

Registration for the GC Data Conference 2023 is open to members of the federal public service as well as to the general public. If you are a federal public servant and wish to participate, register by signing in to your learning account.


The annual GC Data Conference, now in its seventh year, serves as the primary forum for public servants and data leaders to share awareness in order to advance Canada's commitments to provide higher-quality data, insights and services to all.

With the theme "Leveraging Data to Advance Innovation", the GC Data Conference 2023 will explore key topics related to using data to expand innovative methods, integrating social and ethical practices, and enabling collective change. The event offers opportunities to exchange knowledge, engage in discussions and expand awareness of the opportunities and challenges around the use of data across the Government of Canada.

This impactful event will feature insightful presentations from leading data experts, including Yoshua Bengio (Professor at Université de Montréal and Founder and Scientific Director of Mila – Québec AI Institute), Amali de Alwis (CEO of Subak), and Gerry McGovern (Author and Developer, Top Tasks), who will speak about their experiences working in the rapidly evolving field of data. Participants will learn how the Government of Canada can leverage its data insights to bring greater agility to government services, elevate public policy, and better address socioeconomic issues.

This event is delivered through a partnership between Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada and the Canada School of Public Service, with the subject-matter support and expertise of the GC Data Community.


Additional speakers to follow.


The conference agenda and full list of additional speakers will be released shortly.

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