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EXecuTALK: Allyship and the Executive Ally


When it comes to confronting systemic racism and racial discrimination, strong policies and programs that promote diversity and inclusion play a key role in driving change. But research demonstrates that a culture of allyship at the leadership level is also required to foster true and lasting inclusion.

This webinar explores the concept of "proactive allyship" as a lifelong journey. Our guest speakers will discuss behaviours that executives can demonstrate that might contribute to a culture of allyship, including ways to authentically acknowledge the problem of racial discrimination, admit mistakes, and engage in difficult conversations to advance collective learning, accountability and growth.

Video: EXecuTALK: Allyship and the Executive Ally

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  • Kenza Bouchaara, Director, HR, Diversity and Inclusion Secretariat, Corporate Services Branch, Privy Council Office
  • Patricia Harewood, Legal Officer (In-house counsel), Public Service Alliance of Canada


Nathalie Laviades Jodouin, Director General, Respectful and Inclusive Workplace, Canada School of Public Service

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