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Marquee Moments in Public Service History: The Syrian Refugee Resettlement Initiative (rebroadcast)


In November 2018, the School launched Marquee Moments, a new series on historical milestones in the Canadian public service. The first event in the series focused on the Syrian Refugee Resettlement Initiative.

In 2015, as part of the Syrian Refugee Initiative, Canadians welcomed Syrian families to be resettled across Canada. By late 2018, almost 50,000 Syrian refugees had been resettled through government assistance and private sponsorship.

Revisit the public service's response to the Resettlement Initiative. Hear about what it looked like on the ground, from mobilizing teams and working with international partners to process refugees, to collaborating among federal, provincial and municipal government departments and service provider organizations to coordinate settlement, language training, housing, and employment services, all on very tight timelines.

Speakers shared stories of the successes, lessons learned, and stumbling blocks encountered along the way. Learn more about the inspiring story of how the Government of Canada and everyday citizens opened their hearts and mobilized resources in a way that can only be described as 'truly "Canadian."' 


  • Taki Sarantakis, President, Canada School of Public Service
  • Marta Morgan, Deputy Minister, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada


  • Malcolm Brown, Deputy Minister, Public Safety Canada
  • Anita Biguzs, Retired and Former Deputy Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
  • Jacques Cloutier, Vice-President, Operations Branch, Canada Border Services Agency

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