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Faculty member: Caroline Pitfield

Pronouns: She / Her
Location: Ottawa, Ontario

Caroline joined the federal public service in 2004 as legal counsel for Health Canada after practising corporate commercial litigation in Toronto. She has since held various executive positions at Health Canada, the Public Health Agency of Canada, Public Safety Canada, Canada Border Services Agency and the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, frequently collaborating across departments in a strategic policy role. In each case, she advanced key legislative, policy and program initiatives, while also developing a deep understanding of how government works. During this time, she has also had the opportunity to serve as Director of Policy for the federal Minister of Health and to work as a consultant in the health sector.

Caroline has always had a strong interest in empowering people through open and authentic leadership and strong people management, as well as teaching, mentoring and developing learning opportunities in the organizations that she has served. She is a perpetual learner herself, with a penchant for innovative thinking and collaborative achievement. As a teacher, she is grateful for both the opportunity to use her experiences and insights to support the professional development of others and the privilege of learning from them in return.


  • Strategic policy
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Program and policy development
  • Machinery of government
  • People management
  • Leadership


  • Certificate in Public Sector Leadership and Governance, University of Ottawa
  • Master of Laws, University of Toronto
  • Bachelor of Laws, University of Toronto
  • Master of Arts, University of Pennsylvania
  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Toronto

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