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Faculty and leaders in learning

The Canada School of Public Service attracts and recruits instructors and facilitators with knowledge and experience on all aspects of public service administration. Become a faculty member

Distinguished fellows

Distinguished fellows are former deputy ministers or assistant deputy ministers who bring their broad range of public service experience to the Executive Leadership Development programs. Whether as panel members or moderators of group discussions, advisors of action learning groups or mentors to individual participants, distinguished fellows help facilitate reflection and assist senior executives in meeting the demands and realities of today's public service.

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Faculty members

Faculty members include full-time and occasional instructors and facilitators, from the School and from across the federal public service. Faculty members are selected based on their knowledge, expertise and professional and lived experiences. Each faculty member must complete a training program on facilitation techniques, adult learning principles, and learning delivery modalities and technologies.

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Visiting scholars

Visiting scholars share their knowledge and expertise with public servants on a variety of topics, and offer their perspectives towards meeting the present and future needs of Canadians. Visiting scholars gain valuable experience by working for the federal government and engaging learners; through hands-on practice, they examine how their host department and the federal government operate.

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Leaders in learning

Leaders in learning are Canada School of Public Service executives who regularly host, moderate or speak at learning events or programs. They act as ambassadors for the School by demonstrating leadership and commitment to learning, and by sharing their expertise and insights on a wide range of subjects.

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