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About the School

Get acquainted with our mandate, structure and business lines of service.


Learn about the School's mission and vision.

Organizational structure

Explore our leadership and governance structure.

Business lines

Discover our five distinct business lines.


Meet faculty members and other distinguished fellows.

Service standards

Review our commitment to providing quality client service.

Code of Values and Ethics

Inform yourself about the School's code of conduct.


Consult the School's Accessibility Plan for 2023-2025.

Code of Conduct for Learners and Facilitators

Help build a positive, inclusive and professional learning culture.

Latest news

Read the latest news and media postings.

Plans and reports

Find departmental reports, statements, strategies, acts and more.


Learn how the School supports open government initiatives.

Job opportunities

View current job postings at the School.

Terms and conditions

Consult notices about privacy, the collection of personal information, and other terms of use.

Contact the School

Get support from our Client Contact Centre, share your feedback or find a campus.

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