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Faculty member: Nicolas Boyer

Pronoun: he
Location: Aylmer, Quebec

Nicolas Boyer joined the School in 2013 as an executive faculty member, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge in strategic communications as well as a deep passion for communications and teaching. Nicolas held the position of Director of Communications and Marketing at the School and currently offers training in leadership, strategic communications and the workings of government.

Prior to joining the School, Nicolas worked at the Privy Council Office for 10 years, where he held the positions of Senior Analyst, Deputy Director and Acting Senior Director of Intergovernmental Affairs and Communications.
Nicolas also gained experience in communications at Canadian Heritage and Statistics Canada.

In addition, Nicolas was a full-time university professor for four years before joining the public service. He combines his interest and experience in education and the public service, and conveys to learners his passion for these topics.


  • Leadership
  • Strategic communications
  • Machinery of government
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Analysis of psychometric profiles
  • Coaching


  • Master's degree in Sociology
  • Certifications: DISC, Insights, EQI 2.0, 360 feedback

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