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Being a Facilitator at the Canada School of Public Service


This video features testimonials from faculty members at the Canada School of Public Service about their rewarding experiences facilitating School courses, with a focus on inclusion, growth, engagement, discovery and variety.

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Published: December 5, 2023
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Being a Facilitator at the Canada School of Public Service



Transcript: Being a Facilitator at the Canada School of Public Service

[The CSPS animated logo appears on screen.]

[Text appears on screen: "Are you interested in sharing your knowledge and expertise with other public servants? "]

[Text appears on screen: Join our team!]

[Text appears on screen: Inclusion]

[Video transitions to show Andrew seated at home facing the camera. He wears an indigenous crafted necklace.]

[Text on screen: Andrew Caldwell, Chilliwack, BC. Employment and Social Development Canada]

Andrew Caldwell: I had the opportunity to deliver a positive space awareness training as well as positive space ambassador training and the privilege to work and connect with other colleagues from other departments who also identify under the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, two spirit umbrella and allies. It's just wonderful to see how inclusive they are and how forward they are. And it truly is a delight.

[Video transitions to show Jessica seated at home facing the camera.]

[Text appears on screen: Jessica Zéroual, Ottawa, ON. School of Public Service]

Jessica Zéroual : What makes the school and the public service so unique is the diversity of its instructors. I had the chance to meet other members of the staff, and it is really amazing to see the diversity of experience, but also knowledge, on the different course topics. For me, it is very important because I believe it brings a lot to the virtual classroom.

[Text on screen: Growth]

[Video transitions to show Warren seated facing the camera. Indigenous décor can be seen in the background.]

[Text appears on screen: Warren Lewis, Ottawa ON, Indigenous Learning, CSPS]

Warren Lewis: I'm always grateful to have the opportunity to facilitate our Indigenous learning courses and to be able to contribute to truth and reconciliation in this way. Having the opportunity to change the hearts and minds of our public servants is something that I never take for granted. I find that our public servants really appreciate the personal aspect that I bring, the environment that I create, and the experience they receive. I'm always thankful for the opportunity to work with so many of our amazing public servants towards truth and reconciliation. And I believe that this is the highest honor that someone could receive. Meegwetch.

[Text appears on screen: Engagement]

[Video transitions to show Junie seated at home, facing the camera.]

[Text appears on screen: Junie Saint-Fleur, Gatineau, QC. School of Public Service]

Junie Saint-Fleur: Being a facilitator for the Canada School of Public Service means having stimulating and interesting conversations with participants in the training courses. In addition, people come to the training courses with an open mind, curiosity, and a desire to learn. Sharing is greatly encouraged and contributes to the richness of our courses.

[Text appears on screen: Discovery]

[Video transitions to show Pawan seated at home, facing the camera.]

[Text appears on screen: Pawan Bhardwaj, Whitehouse, NT. Parks Canada Yukon]

Pawan Bhardwaj: My overall experience with the Canada School of Public Service has been fantastic. I think very early on, me joining the Yukon Field Unit in Whitehorse, my immediate director noticed that there was a lot of skills that I had around facilitation and being a knowledge exchange facilitator. She encouraged me when I brought it to her attention that the CSPS was looking for faculty members. She encouraged me to apply and has been incredibly supportive of me sharing my learning and sharing my best practices. I take a lot of pride and a lot of joy in being a conduit of different folks coming together from various departments and agencies, having conversations around specific areas, specific concerns, specific gap areas, and collectively putting our heads together to really promote cross learning and come up with solutions as well.

[Video transitions to show Nicholas, he is wearing headphones and standing in front of a CSPS backdrop.]

[Text appears on screen: Nicholas Boyer, Aylmer, QC. School of Public Service]

Nicholas Boyer : I would say that the more I teach at school, the less I speak, and the more I listen to what is being said. Therefore, I try to gain experiences and skills from what's front of me as much as possible, which come from the participants. This exchange is extremely beneficial, very rich, not only for me, but above all for the participants present, who learn from other's experiences.

[Video transitions to show Christopher, he is standing in front of a CSPS backdrop.]

[Text appears on screen: Christopher Bozik, Cantley, QC. Canada School of Public Service]

Christopher Bozik: The faculty really is the best team I've ever worked on because everybody works so hard together to make things better for everybody else and the experiences of learning from the people who come to our courses to learn themselves. So for me, it's giving them ideas and helping them come to their own conclusions. But starting from a higher point, you know, learning from my mistakes, that sort of thing. So when I see that light bulb go on, I know that I've accomplished something. When they decided that, "Oh, I want to go in this direction instead of the direction that they've been going, if it wasn't the right way." That's that's what motivates me.

[Text appears on screen: Variety]

[Video transitions to show Michelle seated at home, facing the camera.]

[Text appears on screen: Michelle Fortier, Saint-Laurent, MB. School of Public Service]

Michelle Fortier: The pandemic was a great opportunity to discover the world of virtual training. In fact, it was a nice surprise for me, and I think it was also for other facilitators here and for the participants. What I discovered is that it works, and it works very well. We may have been sceptical at first, but what we have today, we were able to adapt our courses and the way we offer them, and people participated.

[Text appears on screen: How to get started]

[Video transitions to show Shawna seated at home, facing the camera.]

[Text appears on screen: Shawna Pake, Vancouver, BC. Canada School of Public Service]

Shawna Pake: Every new instructor who joins our team at the Canada School of Public Service will participate in a course for new instructors. Whether you join the team on a full time basis or as a part time instructor, this course consists of a series of self-study modules and group learning activities where we share guidance tips and strategies specific to classroom and virtual deliveries at the school. We discuss topics such as understanding adult learning principles, how to foster a positive classroom, and how to engage learners. We teach and experience virtual facilitation, and ultimately our goal is to ensure that instructors are skilled, confident, prepared and supported. Would I recommend joining the team of instructors at the school? Absolutely. I'm so glad I did and I think you would love it to.

[Video transitions to animated text: Inclusion; Growth; Engagement; Discovery; Variety]

[Text appears on screen: For more information contact us at:]

[Video transitions to an animated mosaic of smiling people in video chat windows]

[Video transitions to the CSPS logo]

[The Government of Canada logo appears and fades to black.]

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