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National Student Paper Competition: Promotional Video


This promotional video features Government of Canada executives and past winners of the National Student Paper Competition, who highlight the benefits of participating in this annual competition.

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Published: November 7, 2022

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National Student Paper Competition



Transcript: National Student Paper Competition

[Text on screen] The National Student Paper Competition

  • Introducing bright leaders to the Canadian government
  • Connecting talented graduates with senior executives
  • Enhancing public service excellence and innovation

Mercedes Morin: The students involved in this initiative are committed, rigorous and demonstrate or have demonstrated their skills multiple times.

Bhajan Gill: Throughout the competition, I received an immense amount of support. I am someone who is very curious about processes and I tend to ask a lot of questions. But the team itself was very supportive.

[Text on screen] Bridging academic and professional skills

Paul Pilecci: The student paper competition provides an opportunity for students to practise some of the key skills that are going to be required for a career in the public service, such as clear writing, detailed research, and even potentially some oral briefing.

Patrick Obendoerfer: It's a great opportunity to meet people like you from across Canada that want to build more experiences in public policy, but also want to propose innovative ideas with fresh perspectives.

[Text on screen] Applying knowledge and research to inform policy and solve Canadian issues

Aisha Barkhad: The topic that I chose was centered around the impacts of climate change and globalization on human health and health equity here in Canada.

[Text on screen] Expanding networks and strategic partnerships

Hope Amer Caldi: The competition was helpful to my career because it enabled me to meet officials in government. It provided me with an opportunity to have a co-op at a department that I really want to work at. And as well, it helped me hone some skills in terms of writing in a concise format.

[Text on screen] The grand prize:

  • An opportunity to work with the Government of Canada
  • Invitation to attend or present at academic and governmental conferences and panels

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