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Manager Development Program

Update: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the School has had to suspend the classroom sessions of the Manager Development Program (MDP) effective March 16, 2020. They will not be offered until further notice. The School is offering a brand new virtual learning path for this program: the Manager Development Program (virtual edition – MDPv).

The Manager Development Program gives you the basic knowledge to meet the demands of your new management role. As a manager, not only are you responsible for managing people and performance, you also have a key role in ensuring that your employees are engaged and highly productive in serving Canadians. To manage people and processes effectively, you must understand your role, practice accountability and know what is expected of you.

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Manager Development Program: virtual edition (MDPv)

The new virtual edition of the Manager Development Program (MDPv) includes a series of online courses designed to help you develop the skills and knowledge required to meet the demands of your new management role.

About the program

The MDPv will allow you to develop the skills and knowledge required to succeed in your new leadership role and thrive in your new environment. The learning path will allow you to develop greater self-awareness, adapt your communication skills to different audiences and situations, and demonstrate leadership in selecting the best performance support and engagement strategies for your team members.

You will also learn how to facilitate and mitigate the challenges related to stress and change using a cognitive knowledge-based approach, and explore the impact of trust on creativity and innovation within your team. Your learning will be enhanced through stimulating and collaborative discussions with your peers and our faculty members. The virtual sessions, which run a maximum of two hours each, will be delivered via the WebEx Training platform. This virtual journey can be completed in 6 to 18 months.

The learning path is as follows:

  1. Becoming a Manager: The Basics (G412)
  2. Orientation and Self-Discovery for Managers (G418)
  3. Participants complete the following 6 courses in the order of their choice:
  4. Collaborative Learning Group for Managers (G421)

Download as PDF (129 KB)


This program is designed specifically for newly appointed managers within the first twelve months of their appointment. You must:

  • complete the course Becoming a Manager: The Basics (G412)
  • be identified by your organization and then be assigned the MDPv certification by your required training coordinator or learning coordinator

Once you have met these criteria, contact the Client Contact Centre to register for course G418, the first course in the MDPv.

Manager Development Program (MDP)

The Manager Development Program (MDP) is an important step on the learning path for managers in the public service. This integrated program gives you the skills and competencies you need to succeed in your new role and environment. You have up to 12 months to complete the Program, which includes various themes across four phases, alternating between online self-paced courses and in-person sessions.

Only participants identified by their organization can participate in the Program. All public servants can access the Program's first online phase; however, certain features are reserved for learners identified by their organizations.

Manager Development Program video GCcampus login required

About the program

This four-phase program is designed to ensure that you understand:

  • what is expected of you in your new role
  • corporate government priorities and how these relate to your work
  • how to manage people and performance effectively to foster a highly productive workforce
  • mindsets and behaviours for creating a public service that is more agile, more inclusive, and better equipped to meet the needs of Canadians beyond 2020


The Manager Development Program's design and structure were largely inspired by a collaborative partnership with the Canada Revenue Agency and are supported by the National Managers' Community. The Privy Council Office also provided valuable input. Your ongoing feedback is key in ensuring that the program continues to evolve and remain relevant for your community, and to ensure that it meets your needs as you transition to your new role as a manager in the Public Service of Canada.

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