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Update: The School is working on a virtual version of the Manager Development Program. Visit the About the program section for more details.

The Manager Development Program gives you the basic knowledge to meet the demands of your new management role. As a manager, not only are you responsible for managing people and performance, you also have a key role in ensuring that your employees are engaged and highly productive in serving Canadians. To manage people and processes effectively, you must understand your role, practice accountability and know what is expected of you.

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About the program

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the School suspended the classroom portions of the Manager Development Program effective March 16, 2020. This measure will remain in place until further notice. The School is working on a virtual learning path for this program. Here's an overview :

  • A series of 8 virtual classroom courses with a faculty member and 3 online courses. The virtual sessions will be given on the Webex Training platform over a maximum of 2 hours.
  • This virtual version of the program will allow you to develop greater self-awareness, learn how to adapt your communication skills to different people and situations and understand both your new management role and the government's priorities. You will discover how to demonstrate leadership and innovation in choosing the right strategies to support the performance of your teams in times of change. You will be involved in creating the inclusive public service of tomorrow imbued with public sector values and ethics. This virtual journey is expected to take 6 to 18 months to complete.
  • For those who have already completed the first 3 phases, the initial virtual courses will cover the themes planned for the end of the program.
  • The first virtual courses will be available as early as November 2020 for those who have already started the program. Announcements about other courses will be made as they become available. All virtual offerings in the program should be completed by April 2021.
  • New participants will be able to register as early as December 2020. The online course Manager Development Program – Phase 1 (G412) is still available and remains the prerequisite for participating in the virtual version of the program.

The Manager Development Program (MDP) is an important step on the learning path for managers in the public service. This integrated program gives you the skills and competencies you need to succeed in your new role and environment. You have up to 12 months to complete the Program, which includes various themes across four phases, alternating between online self-paced courses and in-person sessions.

Only participants identified by their organization can participate in the Program. All public servants can access the Program's first online phase; however, certain features are reserved for learners identified by their organizations.

Manager Development Program video GCcampus login required


Phase 1: Online

Building fundamental knowledge on how to manage within the Public Service

Phase 1 of the Manager Development Program gives you the basic knowledge to meet the demands of your new management role. In this online self-paced course, you will gain new leadership and management skills and reflect on your own learning and development. This course is designed for newly appointed managers and is open to everyone for learning and development purposes. This is the first of four phases. (G412)

Note: For registered learners to the program, Phase 1 is now optional.

Manager Development Program - Phase 1 (G412)

Phase 2: In person

Developing the skills and applying fundamental knowledge

Phase 2 of the Manager Development Program is a five-day in-class session that involves experiential learning. You will participate in activities, reflection and facilitated group discussions.

Manager Development Program - Phase 2 (G413)

Phase 3: Online

Strengthening and expanding knowledge

Phase 3 of the Manager Development Program is a four-week distance-learning course in which you participate for two hours per week on average. Each week, you will log in to review course material and participate in activities and discussions at a time that suits you.

Manager Development Program - Phase 3 (G414)

Phase 4: In person

Development and Integrating knowledge, skills and competencies

This final phase of the Manager Development Program is a three-day classroom session. You will develop new competencies, reflect on your leadership skills and reinforce what you learned during the previous phases by applying your new knowledge through complex cases.

Manager Development Program - Phase 4 (G415)

Expected outcomes

The Manager Development Program is designed to ensure that you understand:


The Manager Development Program's design and structure were largely inspired by a collaborative partnership with the Canada Revenue Agency and are supported by the National Managers' Community. The Privy Council Office also provides valuable input. Your ongoing feedback is key in ensuring that the program continues to evolve and remain relevant for your community, and to ensure that it meets your needs as you transition to your new role as a manager in the Public Service of Canada.

Frequently asked questions

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