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Business line: CSPS Digital Academy

The CSPS Digital Academy provides public servants with the skills and knowledge they need to deliver digital-era programs, policies, and services.

It supports the principles of Canada's Beyond2020 initiative for an agile, inclusive and equipped workforce and advocates for a digital-first approach that aligns with Canada's Digital Standards. These ten digital standards form the foundation of the government's shift to becoming more agile, open and user-focused.

How to Be Digital in the Government of Canada (DDN2-V14)

Video: How to Be Digital in the Government of Canada (DDN2-V14)

This video shows you how you can increase your team's performance while changing how we plan and deliver programs and services in a digital government.

Digital and data learning

Explore a range of foundational courses, job aids and other learning tools on a variety of digital and data themes. Topics include digital government, product management, Agile, service design, the cloud, cyber security, data, AI, and digital-era leadership.

Digital and data learning

CSPS Digital Accelerator

The CSPS Digital Accelerator is an applied learning experience designed for individuals and teams who want to adopt digital best practices and experiment with more collaborative, open, human-centred and iterative ways of defining problems and developing solutions.

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