Indigenous Learning Series

Indigenous Learning Series

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Public servants have an important role to play in working towards reconciliation. The School's Indigenous Learning Series offers opportunities to learn and build knowledge and understanding of Canada's shared history and how it impacts us today.

On GCcampus, you will find a growing collection of resources to help increase cultural competency and awareness about First Nations, Métis and Inuit in Canada and the Government of Canada's roles and responsibilities.

Under the themes of recognition, respect, relationships and reconciliation, the Indigenous Learning Series provides access to resources, courses, workshops and events that share the history, heritage, cultures, rights and perspectives of Indigenous peoples in Canada and their relationship with the Crown.

At every level of the public service, the insights gained through this series will support working effectively with diverse Indigenous populations and developing federal policies and programs to meet the unique needs and realities of Indigenous peoples in Canada.

In response to Call to Action #57 and the Government of Canada's commitment to a renewed relationship with Indigenous peoples, the School undertook an extensive engagement process in 2017. The Engagement Process Report is available on the School's website.

Current highlights

A Journey Towards Reconciliation: Canada Through a New Lens (Online) —NEW

These five foundational online courses have been developed in partnership with various stakeholders, including Indigenous public service employees, government subject matter experts, Indigenous scholars and Indigenous communities and Elders.

Important: You must complete courses K099 and K100 before proceeding to courses K101, K102 and K103.

Modern Treaties and Self-Government Agreements

Modern treaties and self-government agreements are key tools for achieving reconciliation between the Government of Canada and Indigenous Peoples. These agreements establish renewed nation-to-nation, Inuit-Crown, government-to-government relationships based on respect, cooperation, partnership, and the recognition of rights.

The School is offering, in partnership with Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada and Indigenous signatories, two new courses on the historical, legal, and policy context of modern treaties and self-government agreements. Find out more on the School's online learning platform (GCcampus).


The Memoirs of Russell Moses, Residential School SurvivorThe Memoirs of Russell Moses, Residential School Survivor

John Moses speaks about his father Russell Moses' childhood experiences in a residential school.

The Indigenous Learning Series TrailerThe Indigenous Learning Series Trailer

A collection of video clips of Indigenous leaders and public servants discussing the meaning of reconciliation.

What does Indigenous mean?What does Indigenous mean?

From ‘Indian’ to ‘Indigenous’ : the historical pursuit of one umbrella term that applies to all.

Why I Joined the Public ServiceWhy I Joined the Public Service

Indigenous public servants share their experiences and advice with Indigenous youth new to the public service.

Indigenous Leaders PanelIndigenous Leaders Panel

Indigenous leaders discuss how the public service should be approaching its mandate for reconciliation.

Reconciliation Through the ArtsReconciliation Through the Arts

Video clips of artists, Indigenous leaders and public servants discussing the role of the arts in the reconciliation process.

Truth and Reconciliation (with Senator Murray Sinclair)Truth and Reconciliation (with Senator Murray Sinclair)

Senator Murray Sinclair discusses the legacy of the Canadian government's policy towards Indigenous people, and the path towards reconciliation.

The Path of ReconciliationThe Path of Reconciliation

A collection of video clips of Indigenous leaders and executives of the Public Service of Canada discussing the path of reconciliation.


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Gender-based Analysis Plus

Gender-based Analysis Plus

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Indigenous Learning Series

Indigenous Learning Series

Indigenous Learning Series

Gain insight on Canada's shared history with First Nations, Métis and Inuit Peoples.

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School's podcasts


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