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Business line: GC and Public Sector Skills

The Government of Canada and Public Sector Skills (GCPSS) business line provides public servants with learning opportunities on the craft of government and their obligations as government employees.

Many of GCPSS learning products are considered by Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat and departments as mandatory learning for employees, including courses required for certification of specialists.

What we offer

In collaboration with community partners, GCPSS offers a wide array of courses, tools and events tailored to the learning needs of public servants. These include:

  • Foundational Training: To orient all public servants and provide an overall understanding of how government works and obligations as government employees.
  • Functional Training: For public servants working in functional areas of government such as human resources, finance, procurement, real property, regulations, etc.
  • Authority Delegation Training: To equip managers in understanding and exercising their delegated authorities in the areas of human resources, finance and procurement.


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