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Coaching, mentoring and networking learning path

Coaching, mentoring and networking are fundamental to developing and maximizing the potential of public service employees.

While there is overlap among these approaches, it is important to understand how they are distinct in order to identify the best approach for a given situation.

By building capacity in these areas, we support better communication, more effective teamwork and useful connections. All of these elements positively impact the continued development of a public service that is agile, inclusive, and equipped.

Our learning paths will help you develop your capacities in each of these areas:

  • Coaching: A reflective and co-creative process that uses open-ended questions to offer an individual different ways of observing and interpreting situations and the opportunity to tap into their full potential. Watch our Introduction to Coaching micro-learning video.
  • Mentoring: A supportive learning relationship between an individual who shares their wisdom, knowledge and experience with another who is willing to benefit from this exchange.
  • Networking: A mutually beneficial relationship with the goal of exchanging information and ideas that will foster individual career development.




  • Introduction to Peer Coaching (TRN401) (virtual classroom)
    This course reviews the fundamental principles of coaching and presents the steps required to lead peer coaching conversations in a group setting.
  • Finding Solutions Through Peer Coaching for Executives (TRN449) (virtual classroom) For executives
    This course offers an opportunity for a group of six to eight executives to simultaneously explore real-life challenges in their professional lives and work to address these challenges from different viewpoints.
  • Peer Coaching Groups for Executives (TRN450) (virtual classroom) For executives
    This course provides the executive community with an opportunity to practice coaching techniques such as active listening, being fully present and asking powerful questions, all towards helping their colleagues find clarity in the face of a professional challenge.
  • Coaching for Effective Leadership (TRN402) (virtual classroom)
    This course explores the fundamental principles and practices of using a coaching approach in a one-to-one setting, including how to apply the GROW Model to structure these conversations.
  • Developing Successful Coaching Relationships (TRN439) – Skillsoft (self paced)
    In this course, you'll learn coaching techniques for building dynamic and purposeful coaching relationships.

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Guide to a meaningful conversation - A coaching approach



  • Building Career Development Programs and Succession Planning (TRN419) – Skillsoft (self paced)
    In this course, you'll learn about creating development programs for everyone from emerging employees to experienced leaders by considering the key concepts of career development, leadership development, and mentoring.
  • Fostering Mentoring Relationships (TRN212) – Skillsoft (self paced)
    This course covers the benefits of mentoring programs for employees, mentors, and the organization as a whole and explores the differences between mentoring and coaching relationships.

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