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Business line: Transferable Skills

The School provides learning through its Transferable Skills business line to help public servants develop portable knowledge and skills that are applicable inside and outside of government. This business line is not just about skills, however; it's also about behaviours, mindsets and connection.

We offer a wide range of courses, events and resources, available online or in the classroom, to help build a public service that is kinetic, connected and collaborative. Our offerings cover topics such as project management, communication and facilitation, and change leadership, among others.

Learning streams

The School sources, curates, partners, designs, develops and delivers a growing array of learning products under three major streams:

  1. Business Innovation
  2. Leadership Fundamentals
  3. Future Skills

Business Innovation

Business Innovation provides public servants with dynamic business administration skills to help them develop and deliver projects and other initiatives inside and outside government. Our vision is to help public servants at all levels build knowledge, skills and mindsets to work in more open, agile, user-focused ways.

We are helping them adapt to change and continue to deliver results for Canadians by:

  • building a new suite of learning products to address the needs of public servants in managing and leading projects and other initiatives
  • developing and procuring learning products to provide current knowledge and best practices in other key areas such as foundational business skills, virtual and hybrid work, experimentation and innovation, and evidence-based decision-making, among others.

Leadership Fundamentals

Leadership Fundamentals recognizes that all federal public servants have leadership potential. Regardless of their position or title, they have daily opportunities to exercise leadership in their respective fields. Leadership is a transferable skill that can be taught and developed in anyone.

Our vision is to help all public service learners develop foundational, human-centred leadership capacities that they can apply in their workplaces every day. We are aiming to inspire, enable and empower leaders at all levels to have a greater impact in supporting Canadians.

Our diverse learning products deal with such topics as resilience, engagement, empowerment, coaching, and change leadership.

Future Skills

Future Skills aims to equip public servants with the soft skills that will allow them to become highly valued, sought-after employees.

Our curriculum provides learners with the tools they need to work with information and knowledge. Learners will better understand and use complex information to communicate, collaborate and cooperate more effectively to achieve the desired goals.

Our learning products and events cover such fields as facilitation essentials, effective briefings, graphic design, problem solving, trust, creative thinking, and storytelling. We have also established the Virtual Café Series, which explores a range of topics of broad interest through moderated conversations with leaders from within and outside of the public service.

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